Discipline is the most important part of our life, but for to make someone discipline, one should not be so harsh. There may be adverse effect on it.

Parents feel lucky if they have their own son or daughter. All children are cute. But with its cuteness naughty, playful and fractious behavior are overloaded.

Childish and cute behavior of the child are the sign of a pure children which is not seen in today’s generation.

But as there is saying that everything must be in limit. So there must be limitation to the childish behavior of the children.

Which must be strictly imposed by their parents and for imposing it parents must not be much aggressive. Actually they must have patience.

​Is Spankings Or Spanking Your Child a Good Habit, Should You Spank Him/Her or Not?

Well if you are confused what to do if your child is having bad behavior and how to treat them without being so aggressive, just read the whole content.

Childish Behaviour

My son is too annoying.

My daughter is very naughty.

That child is very irritating.

This child throws everything which comes in his hand.

Blah blah!!!

If you get this type of words in your ear, or if you use these lines then definitely you are surrounded by children.

And let me tell you don’t have to get annoyed with it. Just ignore it because they are child and the other name of child is the behaviour they show and you can’t do anything for it.

Punishing them won’t work. It is like the way you are doing your job. And hence playing, shouting and having fun is their job.

If you are parents then definitely you are experienced. But do you think that this must go on as it is? The answer is no!

First of all it must be in the limit. Secondly one must not leave their childish behaviour at all no matter of their age. There are the reason behind it.

We will talk about every aspect. But now we will talk about how can we control the bad childish behaviour of the children.

How Can You Control Your Child Behavior?

Discipline is helping a child solve a Problem. Punishment is making a child suffer for having a problem. To raise problem solvers, focus on solution not retribution:- Well said by LR Knost.

If your child is misbehaving and going on wrong path. This is not a childish way of behaving and this must be treated as fast as possible.

Because this leads the child to a dark future making them a person with no value and a bad person for the society.

For treating them there are two ways:-

  • Making them understand in calm manner.
  • Spankings your child and punish them for their act.

As advised by the experts the first way must be the best efficient and preferable way for making your child stop for their bad activities.

Should You Spank Your Child For Their Wrong Deeds? If You Do This What Are The Consequences?

It is the nature of child to annoy, destroy whatever is in their hand and do whatever they want because they are unknown to this world.

It is also the nature of a human that they get angry whenever they are annoyed. But what to do.

I mean in this case, your child is not in the stage that they will understand  your lesson at the full extent. And you know this very well. But you are adult, you have understanding, the right and wrong part of every situation.

So here you have to keep patience and try to be as calm as possible. Because Spankings is an instant process of making someone stop but not everlasting.

If you become violent and beat them, punish and spank them. They will surely get feared of whatever they did is harming to them. And they will be feared with you too.

But in this case they won’t understand the reason why the act he or she has done is wrong, what should be done instead of that.

And in future because of their childish habit they can repeat such activity.

When Should You Spank Your Child?

Children ages are the age where they get many things to learn in this world. In this journey, they do many mischiefs.

Here you must be keen on keeping eye on them and make sure that they are not crossing the limit.

On the way, you must give moral on every point of the life make sure they must utilize this moral in the daily life.

In case if your child is much annoying and acquiring bad behavior you must spank a little so that they must be acknowledged that they must not repeat that activity.

What Should You Do After Spanking Your Child?

If in case you get angry and punish your child spankings them. Next, ask your spouse to console them. So that to get sympathy and consolation at the same time they must be open to his mom or dad.

Then you must try to question him why he has done this?  What does he get doing this?

Then you must tell him the consequences of the deeds he has done, Why shouldn’t he do that. And believe me this will be the best working way.

Remember, no matter the problem, kindness is always the right response. When your child is having a problem, stop, listen, then respond to the need, not the behavior. The behavior can be addressed later, after the need has been met, because only then is the door to effective communication truly open.

Last words

You must know that child copies the behavior of the surrounding. And mainly they follow and acquire the habit of their father, mother or elder one.

So make sure any wrong activities must not be done in front of them.

Well childish behavior is way for happiness and hence must always have it but according to the situation.

We hope you loved and got knowledge to make shape your child’s future.

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