bottle to Sippy cup

Being parents is lucky because it’s one side and on the other hand, keeping patience and taking care of your baby from every aspect is a very common fact in the parents’ life.

The main issue is that baby child can’t speak and can’t share the pain or any problem they feel.

There are many things where parents have to keep their minds for a better future for their children. Hence there is a need for hard work and patience.

So, stick with this article until the end, read full information and shift from Bottle to Sippy cup.

Why You Need To Transition From Bottle To Sippy Cup & Benefits Of a Sippy Cup

Feeding a child

Feeding a new child and then making them learn to eat themselves and taste good food is challenging.

For a newborn baby, breastfeeding is the only way of feeding, and then allowing them to drink milk through a bottle is a major step.

At the age of 2 to 3 months, bottle feeding is very helpful for parents as it can be an alternative for breastfeeding, which makes the mother free for some time.

Baby children also enjoy drinking milk using the bottle as it is very easy. But it is only for a certain period. You can’t allow your child to depend on bottle-feeding if they are one year or older.

As it can result in severe problems to the child in the older age. So you have to choose a transition period where you have to make a habit to your child of a sippy cup.

It is challenging for the parents, but you don’t have to worry here; we will help you transform a bottle into a sippy cup.

Why Staying In a Bottle Is Not Good For a Child Age More Than One Year?

Feeding milk with a bottle is helpful but is not good for the one whose age is more than one year.

Of course, your child may habit of drinking milk by the bottle and don’t want to transit from bottle to sippy cups. Maybe they don’t like it.

A bottle makes the child comfortable for drinking milk. But comfortable is sometimes harmful if used for a longer period.

Some parents may think that child is comfortable while getting fed through the bottle; why should they transit to sippy cups.

Considering the child’s health, parents must be attentive to transit from a bottle to a sippy cup. If you don’t give attention, your child may face a severe health issue in the future.

Prolonged use of bottle while feeding milk may cause health issues such as:-

  • Your child may lisp and can have problems speaking fluently.
  • Teeth may be misaligned.
  • Decay of teeth can occur in the early stage.
  • Disorder by getting unnecessary body fat.
  • Poor nutrition of vitamins and minerals in the baby child.

These are the major issues that can be suffered by the child if there is prolonged use of the bottle feeding. These problems are described according to the survey.

So the parents have to keep in mind the perfect time for the transition of the bottle to a sippy cup. The perfect time can be the time when the baby can adjust hold its head in its position.

When Should You Do a Transition From a Bottle To a Sippy Cup?

You can help your child to transit from bottle to sippy cup. There is not a perfect common time for every child.

You must have a concern when your child can hold their heads in its position.

For checking it, first, you can make sit your child and lift their head. If they can hold it as usual, then it’s the perfect time for transition.

If they struggle to keep their head lifted, then the child is not ready for a transition.

6 to 7 months is the most case where a child lifts their head in the position.

How Should You Do a Transition From Bottle To Sippy Cups Easily?

There are cases where a child doesn’t like to use a sippy cup. They feel comfortable with the bottle. But they don’t know how it can be harmful to them.

Parents must be concerned about it, and hence for an easy transition, they must keep the cup in front of them so that the child must be familiar and experienced with the new things.

As a child, have the nature to take everything in their mouth, whatever is in their hands. So if you do this, your child will be familiar that this is the thing with which they can drink.

In this way, one can have an easy transition without any problem.

But if it is late and the child’s age is more than one year, you can still follow the above steps. It is time taking but easy and profitable steps.

If you want a quick transition, there are alternatives, but you need to have a bit more strict.

At the first stage of transition, You can bring the sippy cup with a bottle nipple that looks similar to the bottle to feel comfortable by seeing similar things.

Once your child is familiar with that mini sippy cup, you can bring the sippy cup midway of the sippy cup and bottle.

Finally, you can bring the original sippy cup and provide your child with the best formula in the sippy cup.

What If The Baby Refuses To Drink Milk With Cups, Especially At Night?

There is a possibility that the baby eats everything which you give them in baby sipper but refuses to drink milk in it, especially when it is nighttime.

Since at night, they feel sleepy, and because of laziness, they may feel comfortable drinking milk with a bottle.

Well, the better alternative for this can be the proper timing of feeding them. If the child doesn’t like to drink with a sippy cup, you can provide them with cartoonist designs to attract their attention.

Last words

If you read this article until the end, then I think you able to slove all your confusion related to bottle to sippy cup. Just keep in mind that this is very important phase of baby life and you have to do this properly.

So, if this article provides complete information about the transition from bottle to sippy cup then not forgte to share this article and if possible then leave your comment below.