As you are in this article means you understand what is a pacifier.

As many other things related to the baby, pacifier is one of them and has its own pros and cons.

So, if you are in search of sleeping with pacifier is good or not then you are in the right place.

First of all babies sleep with a pacifier is common.

This is one of the favorite accessories of the baby which parents generally buy as a baby go-to accessories which used when the baby cries.

There are many other names of pacifiers that’s why in the starting I say it is good that you know about pacifiers.

Most of the parents know this baby accessory by its local name or names like button, dummies, binkies, and many more.

This pacifier helps your baby to keep quiet and take a nap, but suddenly questions in your mind that is this healthy for your baby.

The straight answer is – yes, baby can sleep with a pacifier or sleeping with pacifier is not bad for babies.

But like all other baby accessories, this also has some pros and cons, using it or not is in your hand but you can decide it after reading all the pros and cons carefully.

Why Pacifier Is a Big Deal For Parents?

Not actually pacifier!

Sleeping with pacifier is the actual problem for almost all parents.

This is because some babies start sucking their fingers or thumb before born and after born, they also need to suck something or otherwise they cry and that’s why parents need to buy a pacifier and enjoy the silence.

But, using a pacifier is ok, but if this becomes a habit then you have to think about it how to break this habit.

When you use it on regular basis and your baby is sleeping with pacifier then again a question comes in your mind that it affects their health or not.

This all above are the reason why pacifier is always a big deal for all parents, and this article is the right one which help you on that topic in details.

When Your Baby Can Use a Pacifier?

This is another important and genuine question that may come to your mind to solve your baby safety queries.

There is no right or wrong answer to the above question. You can start when you want.

But, I think you may hear about one problem which is – “nipple confusion”.

Yes, this can happen sometimes that’s why some Academy of Pediatricians suggest to not use pacifiers when you are in routine check-up time.

In simple words, you can use a pacifier according to your need, but it is recommended that not to use it before 4 weeks of the baby.

So, if you understand the above point then you can easily avoid the problem of nipple confusion in your baby.

So, before you read my points on good or bad on baby’s sleep with a pacifier, read some pros and cons.

Pros Of a Pacifier

Some pros are given below related to sleeping with a pacifier.

1. A Pacifier Might Soothe a Fussy Baby

Some babies start sucking their fingers or thumb before born and when these babies are born they love sucking on something and a pacifier is the best option for them.

2. A Pacifier Offers Temporary Distraction

You can’t ignore that you need to distract your baby, and one of the handy, easy-to-carry, and favorite distraction for babies are pacifiers.

After a blood test, shots, and any other process which makes your baby cry need a distraction that can be offered by a pacifier.

3. A Pacifier Might Ease Discomfort During Flights

Baby fill discomfort in planes due to change in air pressure and this discomfort can be easy when pacifier with you.

4. A Pacifier Might Help Your Baby Fall Asleep

Sleeping with a pacifier is one of the biggest pros which general all parents wants.

Baby has a problem settling down or sleeping down easily and that’s you need a pacifier to make your baby sleep easily.

Cons Of A Pacifier

There are some cons related to sleeping with a pacifier that is given below.

1. Your Baby Might Become Dependent On The Pacifier

This is one of the common problems which parents suffer due to pacifiers when your baby becomes dependent then you disturb in height when the pacifier falls from his mouth.

2. The Use Of Pacifiers May Increase The Risk Of Middle Ear Infection

But this type of rate is very low, so no need to worry about that.

3. The Use Of Pacifiers For A Long Time May Cause A Dental Problem

As this is only for babies, so when you use these pacifiers for a long time pacifiers may cause dental problems. So, break the habit of pacifier as soon as possible.

4. Pacifier Might Disrupt Breastfeeding

If you use breastfeeding for your baby then you have to choose a pacifier wisely.

You have to wait for at least 3-4 weeks before using a pacifier for your baby.

Is It Good For Babies To Sleep With A Pacifier?

After a long pro and cons list, we finally reach our main question and I give you my point of view on this question in this section.

Before I say anything about babies sleeping with a pacifier, you note that the use is not bad for babies if you do it within the limit, and the use is totally in your hand no need to disturb the doctor for that.

One of the best help which pacifier can is sleep!

Your baby can sleep more when you use a pacifier because sucking a pacifier helps them to fall asleep faster and for a long time.

Pacifiers also reduce the risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

This is one of the common diseases your baby may suffer from between 1 month to 1 year old.

Several medical institutes and researchers also confirm that you have to use a pacifier when baby sleep which reduces the risk of SIDS and this is not bad for their health only bad because it may become a habit.

When babies sleep with a pacifier this reduces the case of suffocation during sleep.

Pacifiers also help to make the muscles of the ears, mouth, and some nerves work properly.

Tips To Use A Pacifier For Baby

There are some tips that you can use to buy and use of a pacifier and this makes you, your family, and your baby happy.

  • Don’t use the pacifier as your first defense, which means sometimes the baby may stop crying by changing the position or rocking, use a pacifier when you have to choose something to stop to cry.
  • Always look for a pacifier made up of natural rubber and tested that it is good for babies.
  • Always choose pacifiers to have a BPA mark or pacifiers which not made from harmful chemicals.
  • It is good to clean your baby’s pacifier sometimes when they are not sucking it, take it, and wash it carefully.

Last words

If you reach this section of an article means you read all the information and I think I was able to solve all your queries related to sleeping with a pacifier.

So, sleeping with a pacifier for a baby is not a problem, just use it after 4 weeks of age and don’t overuse them.

If you love this and get solve all your queries related to baby is sleeping with a pacifier then comment and tell your feedback.

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