How Much Weight Do Formula-Fed Babies Gain?

The only thing in which parents want their babies to be in an average position is the weight.

If the baby is too low in weight then your baby is weak and if the weight is too high then your baby starts suffering from obesity.

As we all can understand that in today’s world weight gain and weight loss are two major problems in everyone’s life.

If you want to search what is the average weight gain for formula-fed babies and some terms related to this issue then you are in the right place.

But, before we proceed with our discussion I want to say that there is a huge range in healthy baby weight.

Healthy weight of newborns depends on the region where he/she live, race, ethnicity, and some other important factors.

So, there is no hard and direct rule or number to say this is the perfect weight for all newborns.

But, if your baby has less weight or high weight then your doctor automatically suggests some tests and checkups.

Then the question comes that after birth the weight of your baby is increasing in the right order or not.

Then it becomes important to understand what is the rate of increasing weight at different ages of babies.

All the above queries lead us to a point that average weight gain for formula-fed babies and this is the main topic of this article.

Stick with this article until the end and get your all answers.

Average Weight Gain Of A Baby

Generally, babies are approx 2kg to 3.5kg during birth but soon their weight rises very fast and becomes 5kg in 6 or 7 months.

If your baby has a similar process of weight gain then your good at average weight gain and this is good.

One fact is that Breastfeeding baby’s weight gain starts faster than formula-fed babies.

But, this does not mean formula is not good, you need the formula to meet the requirements of vitamins and minerals in a baby’s body.

Average Weight Gain For Formula-Fed Babies

The formula-fed babies are those who intake formula with milk and these babies are eating lots of vitamins.

But, with research, we know that breastfeeding babies are gaining weight faster for the first 3 months, and after that their weight gain becomes slower, on the other hand, formula-fed babies are gaining weight the whole time.

Formula-fed makes it easier to note how much formula your baby is eating. But in formula-fed overeating is also happens accidentally.

We all know mothers always see the big stomach of their baby.

Formula-Fed Baby Weight Gain Chart

As we know that average weight gain for formula-fed babies starts after their 3 months of life.

AgeWeight Gain
If your baby is between 5 days to 4 months 170 grams per week
If your baby is between 4 months to 6 months110 gram to 150 grams per week
If your baby is between 6 months to 12 months 50 gram to 110 gram

This is a growth pattern for a newborn according to a WHO report.

Above is a small guide for you to take notice that what is the average weight gain for formula-fed babies.

What To Do If Your Baby Is Not Gaining Enough Weight

There is a fact that every baby loses some weight in the first week of birth, so don’t worry if your baby is in this phase.

If your baby is losing weight in the first week then after 2-3 weeks he/she is again of the same weight.

If your baby does not come in the same weight or if their weight again the pattern is slow then take consult with your pediatrician or doctor.

Most of the time baby is not able to gain proper weight because of problems in breastfeeding.

Understand that if you are experiencing breastfeeding problems for the first few months then you are normal, because breastfeeding may become complex for some parents.

If you experience some problems like –

  • Pain during milk sucking of the baby.
  • Sucking seems weak during breastfeeding your baby.
  • If you get red-brown dust in baby diapers.
  • If the baby’s toilet is dark yellow and his skin also seems yellowish.
  • You hear a clicking sound during breastfeeding.
  • The baby has a weak cry.

All the above are some problems that generally occur with babies who don’t gain proper weight.

If you also see those symptoms in you and also in your baby then it’s time to take a doctor consult related to the weight gain issues.

First, don’t become too worried all the problems are normal and you have to understand that they occur naturally, just you need a proper doctor consult.

Some home tips which you can follow up for your baby if he/she is suffering from weight loss.

  • Give formula to your baby.
  • Give some juicy and easy eating fruits to your baby, like – banana, papaya, e.t.c.
  • Give enough fluid on time.

Last words

If you reach this section of the article, then I think you read the whole article carefully and you get all the answers related to growth patterns for a newborn, gain weight faster, and average weight gain for formula-fed babies.

As we give you full information about the proper pattern of weight gain in baby and full info on baby weight.

If you get all your answers related to average weight gain for formula-fed babies then don’t forget to share and give your valuable comment.

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