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As being a parent there are many things that we should look after for our kids. From their safety to their health everything is important for us. Baby massage is also one of the most important part which keeps our baby healthy and improves our baby’s blood circulation.

As your baby is a newborn and that’s why his or her body is not enough developed to do some tough daily activities, but as a parent, it is your responsibility to make your body strong enough, and this can be possible when you gonna read all the instructions which are given below.

So if you are also in a search of how you can give your kids a good and the best massage to improve their blood circulation and also to strengthen baby muscles then here you are at the right place.

In this post, we are going to talk about Infant massage which helps to improve the baby’s blood circulation also strengthens the muscles.

So if you want to know how you can give your Baby a better massage then just stick with this article until the end.

Baby Massage Benefits

Before we dive into the main topic let’s discuss and know some benefits of Baby massage.

Here we will tell you about some benefits of massage which should be given to some specific body parts of babies. So, read why you have to massage the feet, neck, chest, and back of your baby regularly.

Not only this but will also tell you what are the effects of those messages on their body parts.

1. Feet

If you do massage on baby’s feet then it is really very very good for their health.

Is massaging on feet helps to develop motor skills of your kid which is excellent.

2. Calves

Massaging on the kids calves area helps to boost baby’s development.

As it is also one of the most necessary part of massaging which should be given to baby.

3. Chest

If your baby is not in a good mood then massaging him or her on chest would be a better action.

Massaging on the chest lifts your baby’s mood and helps to put them in a good mood.

4. Tummy

If you are worried about your baby digestion then massage them in their tummy area.

Massaging intermediary on tummy area can relieve the gas problem in baby.

5. Back

Kids spend most of their time sleeping which helps babies to boost their metabolism and their mind.

Massaging on the bacteria helps relieve colic and provides baby a freshness feel.

So these were some of the plus points of Baby or Infant Massage that every parent or we could say every mother should give to deer babies as their very beneficial. 

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Baby Massage Method: How To Massage Baby?

So till now we have told you about some benefits of baby massage that you should give to your babies and where you should give to your babies at the specific body parts.

Now here we will tell you about Infant massage tips and techniques that you must follow while you are giving massage before your baby is going to bath or before going to sleep.

Rubbing Baby oil on your baby’s skin is suitable for your baby’s skin.

For royal Rabin, you must place your baby on a soft surface called Baby mal where your baby would feel himself or herself comfortable.

After that give them a smooth oil rubbing massage on their back and specific body parts as I have said above.

Baby Massage Steps:

– Room a few drops of oil on your palms.

– Gently massage feet and toes in a circular motion.

1. Face massage with Feet

For calves use a milking strove and also for arms massage in a circular motion similar to how we massage the legs.

Make a gentle strokes Outwards from the bottom of the sternum across the chest.

2. For Tummy

Start your stokes from the top of the belly right below chest bone, make light clockwise circular strokes across the tummy.

3. Fingertip Massage

Hold your baby’s face in your Palms and gently massage his cheeks, massage his scalps using your fingertips in a circular motion.

4. Enjoying Massage

Massage his delicate little ears using your thumb and index finger and your baby would love to get massage and will enjoy.

5. Face Massage

Use your thumbs from the bridge of the nose to massage the cheekbones. In face this is only important part which you have to keep in mind.

Hence this is the best way to give your baby a face massage.

6. Rubs Back

Turn your baby around make sure his hands are not on his side but in front of him.

Place the upper back in a clockwise circle slowly moving towards his buttocks.

Place your index finger and middle finger on his upper spine area and carefully move downwards.

Massage those soft buttocks in a circular motion.

Massage is extremely good for your baby and is an incredible time of bonding between you and your little one.

FAQ On Baby Massage

When to start oil massage for newborn baby?

You can start oil massage for newborn after 2 weeks of birth.

What is the best time to massage a baby?

Morning is the best time to massage a baby.

How many times baby massage in a day?

You can do baby massage two times in a day.

What oil to use for baby massage?

You can use coconut oil, olive oil or Ghee for baby massage.

At what age should you stop baby massage?

At one year of age, you can stop the baby massage.

Last Words

If you reach this section then I think you read this article carefully and now you are ready to do a kid massage to your baby. This is not tough work, but you have to be very careful when you are massaging your baby.

So, all the important techniques are given in this article and keep in mind that regular body massage to your baby is very important.

Now, if you think this article is helpful and provide you full information about Baby Massage then not forget to share and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.