What To Do If Feeling Cold During Pregnancy, Does & Don’t

You are feeling cold during pregnancy, and this gives you stress.

First, don’t worry sometimes it’s normal. Some people experience higher body temperature when they are pregnant and some people feel cold in pregnancy.

If you are in search of why you are feeling cold, its cause and does and don’t of those time then you are in the right place just stick with this article until the end.

Listen, more people feel warm in pregnancy but if you feel cold then this may not be usual.

Progesterone is a hormone that releases when you are pregnant and this leads to feeling cold during pregnancy.

As you can understand pregnancy increase body weight and this also increases the blood circulation in the body and increase the body temperature of the mother.

But, all the above regions do not make feeling constantly cold is impossible, but it is a little rare.

However, feeling constantly cold during pregnancy in warm weather after proper clothing then you must have to make an appointment with your doctor.

Cause And Symptoms That Make You Feel Cold

If you are feeling constantly cold then it may some regions.

Below you get the small list of causes of feeling cold during pregnancy time.

1) Fever

If suddenly you start feeling cold then there is a chance that you have a fever.

Fever in pregnancy may cause some serious problems like abnormality of the child.

So, if you feel alternate cold and warm then you must have to take a consult with your doctor.

2) Thyroid

If you feel tired and cold at the same time then there is a chance of hypothyroidism or not having enough thyroid hormones in your body.

With a cold, you also feel constipation, muscle cramp, and tiredness then this is also a symptom of an underactive thyroid, thyroid hormones do not produce in enough amount.

3) Nighttime Discomfort

Some pregnant women suffer night sweats. As you feel cold at night and if you use a blanket you feel hot and sweaty, but this is natural and not dangerous but it can make your sleep uncomfortable.

4) Anemia

The decency of iron in the body leads to Anemia and this makes you feel cold.

When anemia occurs your body is not able to produce oxygen-carrying red blood cells.

So this is a simple and common problem that occurs due to fewer iron minerals in the body.

5) Low Blood Pressure

Yes, your blood pressure can also make you feel cold during pregnancy.

This is also very common and most women experience low blood pressure problems in their pregnancy time.

All the above are some common causes of feeling cold during pregnancy.

What Can I Take For a Cold During Pregnancy?

As you see there are many regions why you are feeling cold during pregnancy and for the different regions, you need a different solution.

1) If You Feel Cold Due To Low Blood Pressure

As this is a common problem if you feel cold due to low blood pressure, which means you feel fainting, weak, and fast pulse then there is no medicine for this problem. But you have to make yourself hydrated and regularly move, sit and stand are some solution which prevents from fainting.

2) If You Feel Cold Due To Anemia

If you feel due to Anemia then, you feel shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, pale skin.

This is due to iron deficiency, so take some iron supplements by doctor consult, eat meat, beans, as much as you can.

3) Cold Due To Hypothyroidism

When you feel cold due to hypothyroidism then you feel tired, depressed, cold. If you feel this then visit a doctor and must take a medical consult and most of the time it may take a hospital admission.

There can be some other causes of feeling cold during pregnancy and most of the time this is normal due to not taking correct food, but if it is a big problem then must take your doctor’s consult.

What Cold Medicine Is Safe To Take During Pregnancy?

This section is for women who suffer from fuel cold due to bacterial infection. The best way is to always take your doctor’s consult before taking any medication. But there are some medications that are generally safe for all pregnant women and those are –

● Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

● Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)

● Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) And many more.

So if you feel cold. In this section, we talk about if you feel cold in any weather and what you can do to make yourself warm during your pregnancy time. If you are feeling cold during pregnancy and everything is fine just a cold feeling and want to wear a sweater then read on.

1) Eat high iron food: As I said earlier women feel cold in pregnancy when they suffer from iron deficiency, and you can treat it by eating beans, meats, and other high iron foods.

2) Take as much rest as you can: Most of the time mothers feel cold and the only simple solution is to rest if your problem is high then only take your step towards the doctor.

3) Drink plenty of fluids: Simple region of your feeling cold is due to infection and if this is a problem then drinking more fluid is also a good solution. If it is an infection problem or hormonal change problem the simple answer is to drink plenty of water.

Last words

If you reach this section then I think you understand what to do when you are feeling cold during pregnancy time.

First, keep in mind this is normal and most women also feel hot or warm. If your cold is not any simple feeling it is flue then you can take some medicines which we discussed above.

Most of the time this problem happens to the mother when she does not take proper care of her food.

If you are also one of them and feel cold after everything is right then we discussed all symptoms, problems, and their solution above hope you read all.

If you get a solution to all your queries related to feeling cold during pregnancy then do not forget to share this article and must give your feedback.

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