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 Winner Announcement On 25th December

We hope you are spending quality time with your baby, and your newborn his healthy & happy too, just to double your happiness, we have started a new contest name Kiddovilla Baby Smile

And you just have to share your pic with your baby smile to par ticipate in this competition, If you win the competition you will get a kidoovilla baby gift hamper from us.

You just have to check your email on 25th of every month after participating in the contest, if you have been selected, you will receive an email from us

once you receive a winning email from our side you have to share your postal address with us in response to that mail, and we will deliver your gift to your door. It’s just as simple as that.

 Don’t worry if you don’t win you can try again and again every month, and you will get lucky one day and win for sure.

Fill Details And Upload Your Image

Testimonials !

I have just uploaded my pic today when I receive their mail regarding the competition feeling excited.

Good guys, this competition is good for new parents to engage with.

These guys are awesome, I recently found their site when I was researching about my baby products & the info that they provide on this site were awesome. Now they have launched this competition, for new parents, I think its great & one would love to take part.

In this scenario when we are working from home, we have very little resources to enjoy as we have got bored and this type of small competitions & activities help us to enjoy the moment, good guys

Being a working woman, I find it difficult to handle my child alone, but kidoovilla guides have help me ease my parenting, and now they are moving ahead by engaging parents in these kinds of competitions, I have uploaded the pic, keeping my finger crossed, let’s see who wins

Good guys great task for new parents, to enjoy with baby, thanks

Winner Announcement On 25th December

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